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106 Urban Planning firm name ideas (+ 52 slogans)

106 Urban Planning firm name ideas (+ 52 slogans)
Emma Robertson
Written by Emma Robertson

Starting an urban planning firm and need the perfect name or slogan? Check out our lists! We’ve compiled 106 creative and catchy business name ideas plus 52 slogans to help you stand out and communicate your vision.

106 Urban Planning firm name ideas

Here are 106 examples of names for your future company:

Professional (8)

  1. UrbanCore Consultants
  2. MetroGrid Planners
  3. CivicPlan Associates
  4. Urbanity Design
  5. CityScape Engineers
  6. CivicMinds Planning
  7. PlanPros Urban Solutions
  8. Structured Growth Planning

Innovative (7)

  1. Innovate Urban Design
  2. NexGen City Planners
  3. UrbanVanguard Solutions
  4. Pioneering Planners Co.
  5. Urban Pulse Planners
  6. Blueprint Innovations
  7. ForwardThink Urban Design

Geographical (6)

  1. Pacific Urban Planning
  2. Capital City Design
  3. MountainView Planning
  4. BayArea Urban Designs
  5. Great Lakes Urban Planning
  6. Riverbend Design Solutions

Sustainable (10)

  1. GreenMetro Solutions
  2. EcoUrban Planning
  3. SustainaPlan
  4. EarthWise Urban Design
  5. GreenCity Planning
  6. EcoCivic Design
  7. BioUrban Solutions
  8. GreenBlueprints Planning
  9. EcoSphere Urban Strategies
  10. VitalEco Urban Planning

Modern (9)

  1. UrbanEdge Designs
  2. ModUrban Strategies
  3. SleekCity Design
  4. UrbanFlow Planning
  5. Contemporary City Planners
  6. MetroModern Planning
  7. NewAge Urban Design
  8. TrendCity Planning
  9. ModernMetrix Planning

Traditional (8)

  1. Heritage City Planners
  2. Classic Urban Design
  3. OldTown Planning
  4. TradCity Solutions
  5. Legacy Urban Planning
  6. Foundational City Planning
  7. Timeless Urban Design
  8. Historic Urban Strategies

Creative (7)

  1. CreativCity Planners
  2. ImagineUrban
  3. Artisan Urban Design
  4. Mosaic Urban Planning
  5. VisionCraft Urban Planning
  6. Urban Canvas Strategies
  7. DreamScape Urban Design

Futuristic (7)

  1. FutureCities Planning
  2. NextCity Solutions
  3. Tomorrow’s Urban Design
  4. FutureProof Planning
  5. Visionary CityScape
  6. MetaUrban Design
  7. BeyondNow Urban Planners

Minimalist (6)

  1. PurePlanning
  2. CleanSlate Urban Design
  3. ZenUrban
  4. BareEssentials Planning
  5. Core Urban Planning
  6. SimplyCity Design

Descriptive (9)

  1. Comprehensive Urban Solutions
  2. Spatial Urban Design
  3. Structured City Planning
  4. Urban Expansion Planners
  5. Metropolitan Design Services
  6. CivicSpace Planners
  7. Urban Growth Solutions
  8. City Function Planners
  9. Regional Urban Design

Catchy (7)

  1. UrbanWhiz
  2. PlanIt City
  3. MetroMingle
  4. UrbanZest
  5. CitySpur
  6. PlotTwist Planners
  7. Planorama

Abstract (5)

  1. Obscura Planning
  2. UrbanMyst
  3. NexSphere
  4. Planetic
  5. UrbanoSphere

Community-Focused (6)

  1. CommunityRoots Planning
  2. UrbanUnity Designs
  3. CivicLink Urban Design
  4. TogetherTown Planning
  5. CommuniCity Planners
  6. PeopleFirst Urban Design

Ecological (7)

  1. EcoGrid Solutions
  2. NatureNest Planning
  3. EcoUrbanity Designs
  4. LifeBalance Urban Planners
  5. BioHarmony Designs
  6. GreenHabitat Urban Planning
  7. EcoFusion Urban Strategies

Visionary (9)

  1. VisionBuild Urban Design
  2. FutureForm Urban Planning
  3. Visionary Urban Mapping
  4. BlueSky Urban Solutions

52 Slogan Examples for an Urban Planning firm

A good slogan for an urban planning firm shares the firm’s vision, tells what they stand for, and builds trust with the community. Whether it’s about creating sustainable cities or designing spaces for better living, a slogan sums up your mission in a few memorable words.

If you’re looking for a slogan for your business, here’s a list that might inspire you:

  1. “Designing Tomorrow’s Cities, Today.”
  2. “Build the Future, Plan with Us.”
  3. “Where Urban Dreams Come Alive.”
  4. “Planning Better Cities for Better Lives.”
  5. “Crafting Communities, Shaping Skylines.”
  6. “Blueprints for Sustainable Futures.”
  7. “Innovation in Every Urban Plan.”
  8. “From Vision to Reality in Urban Design.”
  9. “Shape Your City’s Future.”
  10. “Creating Spaces for Life to Happen.”
  11. “Plan Smart, Live Well.”
  12. “Sustainable Planning, Resilient Futures.”
  13. “Designing Cities with a Heart.”
  14. “The Future of Urban Living.”
  15. “Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow.”
  16. “Think Urban, Think Us.”
  17. “Master Planning for Masterpieces.”
  18. “Urban Excellence Through Expert Planning.”
  19. “Your Partner in Urban Progress.”
  20. “Innovative Planning, Exceptional Spaces.”
  21. “Building Communities, One Plan at a Time.”
  22. “Forward Thinking for Forward Cities.”
  23. “Leading the Way in Urban Innovation.”
  24. “Transforming Visions into Reality.”
  25. “The Urban Future, Designed Today.”
  26. “Pioneering Urban Spaces.”
  27. “Urban Insights, Global Impacts.”
  28. “Making Every Square Foot Count.”
  29. “Crafting the Fabric of Urban Life.”
  30. “Your City, Planned Perfectly.”
  31. “Where Every Plan Makes a Difference.”
  32. “Spaces Designed for Life.”
  33. “Strategic Planning for Dynamic Cities.”
  34. “Urban Visions Realized.”
  35. “Designing Communities, Enhancing Lives.”
  36. “Planning Paths to Urban Excellence.”
  37. “The Art and Science of City Planning.”
  38. “Building Better Cities Together.”
  39. “From Groundwork to Skyline.”
  40. “Urban Planning for a Sustainable World.”
  41. “Bridging Dreams and Reality.”
  42. “The Future of City Planning.”
  43. “Creating Cities People Love.”
  44. “Your Vision, Our Mission.”
  45. “Planning for Prosperity.”
  46. “Imagine. Plan. Prosper.”
  47. “Engineering Urban Elegance.”
  48. “Mapping Tomorrow’s Urban Landscapes.”
  49. “Plan Well, Prosper Together.”
  50. “Urban Elegance, Expertly Engineered.”
  51. “Cultivating Cities, Nurturing Communities.”
  52. “Urban Brilliance, By Design.”

Seven key tips to help you find the perfect name for your

  1. Think Future-Forward: Choose a name that reflects innovation and progress since urban planning is about shaping the future.
  2. Keep It Relevant: Make sure the name relates directly to urban planning or themes like city life, sustainability, or development.
  3. Easy to Remember: Opt for a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember; simplicity is key.
  4. Stand Out: Pick a unique name to differentiate your firm from competitors.
  5. Consider Your Message: Your name should convey the ethos or main message of your firm, like community focus or environmental care.
  6. Check Availability: Make sure the name isn’t already taken, especially for domain names and social media handles.
  7. Seek Feedback: Ask potential clients or people in the industry for their opinions to see how the name resonates with them.

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